About Us

What are we doing?

Our main focus is set to developing software, mainly built upon Java/Groovy, PHP or Objective-C (iOS).
Furthermore, we also integrate special Linux server features in our applications as, for example, in "Nagios Status Information" (NSI).
More details about our products can be found here.

Where are we located?

We are an Austrian registered company located at:

NiftySide - Daniel Mühlbachler
Heilhamer Strasse 5
4040 Linz, Austria
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How can you contact us?

Just drop us an e-mail through our "Contact Us" page or call us at +43 660 5084513.
Additional contact details can be found on the blog: http://blog.muehlbachler.org/about/.

How can I be kept updated?

If there are important comapny or producted related news we will post some news on this site but you can always find more information and news about ongoing projects at the blog.
Additionally, you can also signup to our newsletter!

Note: my CV can be found here.